Ron Trinca Photography-Liverpool, NY

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Client Response Gallery

Ron Trinca Photography

Client Response Gallery** facilitates the exchange of information between photographers and their clients. Clients may select images within the gallery and submit those selections to the photographer for processing. Optionally, the gallery allows various types of information and feedback to be collected, including ratings, processing options and comments.

Basically, make your selections, if needed, leave me any feedback, and Be Sure to click the mail envelope icon to send your selections to me.


In the image grid:

  • Unselected Image
  • Selected Image; tick images you'd like to select
  • Leave feedback on an image

In the status bar:

  • Displays the number of images selected; hides unselected images.
  • Refine selects; dims the unselected images.
  • Cancel filter; click to display all images, selected and unselected.
  • Send selections and feedback to the photographer.
  • Logout.

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